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Lawn Core Aeration

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Lawn core aeration is the single best way to improve your lawn by reducing compaction and to enhancing natural decay of thatch.

It is a general rule of thumb in the industry to recommend aeration once a year preferably in the spring or fall. It may seem abusive to do so by default but there is actually greater risk in missing out on the great benefits of aeration then doing it too often. In some cases it may be obvious that your lawn would benefit from core aeration if it has the following signs:

  • There is obvious thatch (dead grass) on your lawn that does not decay naturally
  • Your lawn is heavily used for outdoor purposes
  • Your lawn has been driven on by machinery
  • Your lawn has been stressed by either children and/or pets
  • Your soil has turned into heavy clay

You shouldn’t wait to signs for signs of decay to consider aerating your lawn. Aeration should be a part of every turf grass maintenance program because it is absolutely beneficial for maintaining healthy turf grass. Failure to perform this simple maintenance can result in poorly drained soil, thin turf grass strands, and continued problems with disease.

We use a core aerator and provide you with very competitive pricing. If you want to schedule your lawn for core aeration, select your lawn size below and order via our site or call us. We will confirm your price, do the job and bill you upon completion.

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