Lawn Restoration
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Revive and Thrive Lawn Restoration

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For the open areas:

  • Short lawn cut
  • Dethatching and debris pickup
  • Core Aeration
  • Slice Seeding Double Pass using Manderly Less Water seeds or other premium equivalent
  • Application of starter fertilizer

For the edges of the lawn:

  • Preparation of edges to insure growth
  • Application of Revive & Thrive 2-0-2 with Asco 3 in 1 Topdressing & Repair @ 80lbs/1000 sq ft
  • leveling of surfaces and seeds raked in
  • Light compaction with lawn roller

You will be impressed with the results.  This solution may be a cost effective alternative to re-sodding.

We may do only certain areas on your lawn and we may pay more attention to some specific spots by adding extra product. You will then be responsible for watering diligently but we can provide you with a programmable water timer for a small fee and a deposit.

We recommend to complete this work in the spring or fall.

*Prices assume a regular ratio of lawn edges vs area. Prices will be adjusted higher if areas are irregular or thin with many edges requiring special attention for optimal growth.
** Top soil may be added to relevel or add groth substrate upon request.

We will not ask you for your credit card number online. Please add items to the cart to build your estimate.

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