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Slit Seeding Lawn Restoration

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Slit seeding, also know as slice seeding a great way to restore a damaged lawn as an alternative to re-sodding. It is also a great way to rejuvenate an older lawn with a choice of modern seeds with an emphasis on high Kentuky Blue Grass / Red Fescue mix or a Ryegrass mix a lateral spread ryegrass that will successfully fix a damaged lawn.

Forget the truck load of top soil, the rakes and the full weekend of work. With the appropriate combination of dethatching and/or aeration it’s most likely not necessary.

In order to slit seed effectively, the area to has to be prepared by cutting the lawn short, detaching may have to be done in some areas,  aeration may bring more earth to the surface and a starter fertilizer will help the successful germination.

Watering will then be your job. With some luck mother nature may help but you can’t rely on it so plan to water your lawn if you seed.

Slit Seeding Lawn Restoration Steps:

  • Detaching and debris pickup (May be essential, order here )
  • Core Aeration (recommendable in most cases – choose below)
  • Seeding using premium seeds adapted to your choice and lawn condition
  • Application of starter fertilizer (included)

Slit Seeding Options:

This Fall, at this time, I recommend a triple Perennial Ryegrass mix with quick germination time and letteral spread.

All areas that can be reached by my machines will be worked on with full attention to detail and professionalism. When areas are not as suitable to a slice seeder, I may also use a Reist Aeraseeder that puts down 1000 holes per square meters, seeds, brushes over and rolls it’s highly effective on soil or areas that were top dressed or well aerated.

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