Spring Cleanup

Spring Cleanup

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Start the growing season off right by giving your yard a thorough spring cleanup.

We start  by using back pack blowers to blow out debris from your flower beds, fence and deck lines. (Note flower beds with Bark Mulch or Wood Chips can only be lightly blown to avoid blowing out the Mulch or Chips).

We thoroughly remove grit and debris left by winter ice control typically found on the first few feet close to the road or driveway.

We then finish with a light rake to break up winter mold if blowers didn't already did so.

When appropriate, we like using the driveway to push winter debris from the edges of the lawn. We then sweep and bag the debris and finish off with a lawn vacuum to get all the small grit and dust off your driveway. With this method, you get a clean driveway which always feels nice after a long winter.

Upon request, we may apply pelletized gypsum soil to reverse salt damaged areas. The gypsum, or calcium sulfate, replaces the salt with calcium and sulfur, which will help to heal the grass and encourage new growth. It is also useful in helping the soil retain water.

* If leafs were not picked up in the fall, please add our Leaf Raking service to the spring cleanup.

* You may choose to request “just the front yard”, if so, choose the correct lot size based on that area.

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