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Top Dressing

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The application of compost increases the organic matter in the soil & adds essential nutrients. Compost also increases nutrient and water holding capacity. This application also acts as a food source for increased microbial activity. Our compost (a Turf Revolution product) is in pellet form and completely weed free. It contains no animal by-products, manure, or sewage. It is also great for gardens / planters / beds

Our pelletized top dressing is equivalent to adding 1/4 inch of bulk compost

Top Dressing Program $74.00 / 1000 sq ft (for 5000 sq. ft. +)

  • 40lbs/1000 sq ft application rate
  • Can be applied anytime

Top Dress Plus Program $114.00 / 1000 sq ft (for 5000 sq. ft. +)

  • Core Aeration
  • Over-Seeding 5lbs / 1000 sq ft
  • Top-dress with pelletized compost @ 40lbs/1000 sq ft
  • Best applied in Spring or Fall

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